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Tiger Center

Welcome to TigerCenter, the one stop shop for all your class enrollment needs at RIT.

This web application was created to replace the old sis portal enrollment app created by oracle for RIT. Using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3/Sass, and Foundation5 I was able to help design and implement the user interface and experience for Tiger Center. The application is mobile friendly and is currently being optimized further for mobile.

Job Storm

Are you trying to figure out what company or where geographically you might want to work for, but don’t want to go through all that hassle searching the web. Well than Job Storm is the app for you! Just type in the company name or type of career and Job Storm will generate the most recent review from current employees and company ratings.

This application uses jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML5, CSS3, and utilizes the glassdoor API to pull JSON data to generate employee responses and rating. It also uses the google map API to generate job opportunities in different locations.

Check out the Sito Site here: Job Storm


Having issues coming up with an idea for a group project? Have you tried using sticky notes, but found it hard to manage? Then Bloxeo is for you!

Bloxeo is an upcoming application that will help you and your team have that Eureka moment happen. Using industry practices a small team of 20 people were separated into 3 teams (design, client-side, and server). As the design team lead, I worked with a team of 5 to come up with requirements for bother client-side and server side. We created wireframes, comps/assets for implementation, held user testing using techniques such as paper prototypes, and met regularly with the client team to review next steps. Also as a member of the client-side team, I integrated and taught proper sass practices to the team, using OOCSS and SMACSS architecture. The front-end was built using html5, scss, reactjs, and flux.

The site is not currently up yet, but check out the full process deck here Bloxeo Deck

Coffee Shop UX/UI

Introducing CoffeeShop 2.0, an ios application right at your table in all your favorite coffee spots. Order drinks learn more about them and choose your favorite barista to deliver it.

The goal of this project was to go out into the world an observe users in a coffee shop environment. After gathering user data, my team and I began developing personas, use cases, and competitive analysis of rival applicatitions. We then split up to individually come up with the perfect way to improve the users experience of coffee shop. I developed mood boards, wire frames, and final renders and created a design deck.

Check out the deck here: CoffeeShop 2.0


Hi, my name is Jason Peretz and I am currently a Senior New Media Interactive Development student at the Rochester Institute of Technology graduating in May of 2016. I am a developer with a passion for technology and design and plan to pursue a career as front-end developer.

Feel free to contact me anytime!

Phone: 917.885.2204